Father of UP Mall shooting victim speaks up eight months later

NOW: Father of UP Mall shooting victim speaks up eight months later


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- We’re getting closer and closer to the trial for the man accused of shooting and killing another man right in front of Bar Louie.

In an exclusive interview, ABC57 spoke with the father of the victim. Benito Bueno.

But first, Miguel Rosales is accused of shooting and killing 27-year-old Benito Bueno. Rosales will be in court tomorrow morning for a continuance hearing.

Pablo Bueno Jr. says the time since losing his son has been unbearable.

“It’s horrible to lose a son. It’s a terrible feeling,” says Pablo Bueno Jr., or what the community knows him best as “Pilo.”

Eight months ago he was awoken by the worst phone call he’s ever received, “It’s not easy at all,” says Pilo. “I shake it off as much as I can. I face it when I have to and move forward.”

During the early morning hours of June 11, according to St. Joe County metro Homicide Unit, a fight broke out in front of Bar Louie.

“He was just there for a good time, when the fight broke out,” remembers Pilo.

Pilo’s son was found dead at the scene.

A couple months later Miguel Rosales was arrested as a potential suspect in this fatal shooting.

“I tried my best to be there to keep things together and face what was too hard for my family to face,” says Pilo.

According to Pilo, his son, Benny, was timid and quiet and would rarely get upset. “I don’t believe I ever saw Benny mad. He was very generous young man always looking to help others he was far from a bad person. I just believe he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

A loss in the family is without a doubt life changing and now that Pilo is a bit more composed  he wants everyone to know,”…who Benny was. He wasn’t just another person involved in crime or bad doings.”

Benito Bueno was a painter at AM General.  In fact, Pilo had a plan to spend some quality time with him before the shooting.

“He was going to come airbrush with me,” he says. “I guess we’ll never see that day.”

Pilo just hopes justice will be served since his son isn’t here to defend himself anymore.

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