Father-son duo embarks on epic 23-day, 23-game midwest baseball tour, with South Bend stop

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --A father and son are on quite the road trip, one that goes beyond the diamond.  

Matthew and Tom Burns are on a 23-day journey to see 23 games across the Midwest, including South Bend.  

The pair are no strangers to the road, as this is their fifth baseball trip, which has been planned since last October. 

Their road trip spans the Eastern Midwest, covering Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. It includes all 14 minor league teams in these states, plus four independent professional teams, four collegiate summer league teams and a visit to the Chicago Cubs.   

They stopped in South Bend on Friday and, of course, immersed themselves in the local experience by visiting landmarks like Notre Dame, The History Museum, and The Studebaker Museum. They also enjoyed lunch at The Lauber before heading to Four Winds Field to see the Cubs take on the Lake County Captains.  

At the game, the pair took pictures with the owner and the assistant general manager and were named fans of the game. They were in for a treat as the Cubs edged out the captains 4-3 in a close game.  

Matthew praised the organization for putting on a great show. 

"I'm very excited to see this ballpark Four Winds Field. I've heard it described as kind of the grandfather of the modern ballpark was a lot of bricks and stuff like that. Even though it's been around a long time, it's really revered as a great ballpark looking forward to it."  

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