Fifth Elkhart crash sheds light on motorcycle safety

ELKHART, Ind. -- There have been five motorcycle accidents in Elkhart County in the past nine days, and three of them have been deadly. 

ABATE of Indiana works to make sure everyone who rides a bike knows how to protect themselves.

"We try to educate motorcycle riders to ride safely and not crash. Defensive driving is very important," says Wayne Kopec, the regional Director with ABATE of Indiana.  

In the past two weeks, 3 people have died in motorcycle crashes.  

32 year old Billy Joe Johnson lost control and crashed into a utility pole.  

33 year old Michael Nunez crashed after speeding at nearly 100 miles per hour.  

And 42 Jason Espinoza crashed into another car after crossing the center lane.  

All things that officials from ABATE say could have been avoided if both riders and drivers pay more attention.  

ABATE of Indiana offers safety and education courses every weekend in Elkhart.  

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