Filipino-American finds out her family survived Typhoon Haiyan

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.-- Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines last Friday, and many people are still trying to find out if their loved ones are alive. After a week of searching Rebecca Nicolas found out her family is okay.

Nicolas is a student at Andrews University and she has been waiting to hear from her family for over a week.

Nicolas said, “I’m very glad that they already found them, and that they are all safe.”

Earlier this week a staff member at Andrews University posted the interview ABC57 did with Rebecca on Facebook. Hours later one of Rebecca's distant relatives saw the story, and posted that her family was alive!

Nicolas said, “My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister... and finally I saw my brother is alive!”

She didn’t believe the news until she saw a picture of her brother riding his bike looking for food on the island.

Nicolas's family lives in Salcedo. She said their home is missing a roof, but it’s one of the few structures on the island that wasn’t destroyed.

Nicolas said, “All the houses were destroyed and torn down, so many people came to our house. And now it serves as a shelter.”

Nicolas said a policeman in the Philippines posted the picture of her brother on Facebook when he travelled to Manila to get service.

Nicolas said, “When I finally saw him I was really happy! But I feel that he is hungry.”

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