Finally! Good news if you like warmer temperatures

NOW: Finally! Good news if you like warmer temperatures


Yes, there is good news regarding a warming trend in the coming weeks. However, until we get to roughly April 6th or so, we will still see plenty of below average days. That includes this weekend with fresh Canadian air seeping south into the Great Lakes. Highs Saturday will stay below 45° and highs Sunday won't even hit 40°. Overnight temps Saturday night will fall well into the 20s. 

Potential wind chills this weekend.
When you factor in the wind, it will feel even colder all weekend long. Expect "feels like" temperatures to be in the 20s all day Saturday, the teens -- perhaps single digits -- Saturday night and the 20s throughout Sunday. In other words, it won't feel like the last two days of March at all.

High temperatures compared to normal over the next week.
But, as this article insinuates by its title, there is good news ahead. Temperatures will likely rise into the 50s and possibly even the 60s next week with no "big cool down" on the horizon. And that's the difference. Thus far this year when we've seen a spike in temps, we followed it with a big drop in temps. Those big drops are becoming less likely by the day as the calendar is set to flip to April.

Milder temperatures, as indicated by the reddish shades, are likely here to stay beginning April 2nd.
When we look at our long-range forecast models, there is great agreement on temperatures staying roughly at or above normal once we get to April 2nd. But what is average for April? Average for the first half of the month is highs between 54° and 59°. So, we'd expect high temperatures to be in that range and into the 60s a handful of times for most of the April 2nd-15th period. One day in the upper 40s is a good bet, but the trend is for warmer temps.

For the period April 16th-30th the average highs in South Bend rise to 60-65°. And, with the likelihood of at or above normal temperatures existing throughout April, we'd expect most days during the second half of the month to be at least around 60° with some days in the 70s very possible. Speaking of 70s, when can we expect to see our first 70-degree day of 2019? Well, as sad as it sounds, we should have already have seen it. The average first 70-degree day in South Bend is March 25th. Looking back over the last five years, our first 70-degree day has come between March 8th and April 12th. We certainly have history on our side for seeing 70s soon! And, fortunately, we do look to have a chance at seeing 70° once we get past the first week of April! 

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