Finding drugs at work a reminder for Warsaw woman

WARSAW, Ind. — Meth addiction continues to be a problem in Northern Indiana. At least that is what one former meth user is saying after finding the drug hidden inside the trash can at work.

Mary Reiff works the overnight shift at a gas station in Warsaw and struggles with addiction. But she says people from all over Indiana are struggling with addiction and she says when she found meth at work, her nightmare once again became a reality.

Reiff is a hard worker. 

She deals with all kinds of people, but what they do not know is she is also battling her former addictions.

"I put myself into that recovery home for my addictions of alcohol and meth," Reiff said.

And that recovery home saved her life.

"I take this as a life or death situation. It has taught me that if I do back out, I will die," she said. "I'm not going to just stop at one drink. I will die."

Reiff has been clean for three years and relapsed once.

She said working the overnight shifts keeps her busy and her mind off of her addictions. 

But one day, a simple walk outside to change the garbage bags changed all that. What she saw inside was meth.

"What I found out in the trash was my addiction," said Reiff. "I called police and just wanted to find the person who put it there and strangle him."

Earlier in the week, she also found meth in the bathroom. This time wrapped in tin foil. 

She said it is a serious problem that is killing people all across Michiana.

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