Fired officer files lawsuit to get job back

David Beaty, a former Sergeant with the South Bend Police Department, has filed a civil suit against the city of South Bend because he wants his job back.

May 5, 2015 - Police Chief Ron Teachman filed disciplinary charges against Beaty for alleged violations of general orders and violations of the duty manual.
A hearing was held on July 13 and he was terminated on August 19.

Beaty alleges the Board of Public Safety's decision was not supported by substantial evidence and the punishment was excessive. 

He also alleges they violated his constitutional due process rights and the policies, rules and regulations of the department by waiting to bring the charges and bundling the charges.

Beaty also alleges the board permitted the chief of police and the chief's attorney to be present during a deliberative executive session, raising the appearance of impropriety.

Beaty wants the court to vacate his termination and for the court to award back pay.

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