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Firefighters raise awareness about fire safety through pizza

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind.-- Local firefighters are teaming up with Domino's to raise awareness about fire safety. Mark Baker with Michigan City's Fire Department said, “This is just one more way to make people aware that this smoke detector could save your life.” Tonight local firefighters delivered pizza... and it was free if the resident had a working smoke detector! Jim Gronemann said, “When the customer opens the door, we’re going to check to see if they have a working smoke detector. If they do, the pizza is free! And if they don’t, the fire department will either replace the batteries or install one!” ABC57 rode along with some Coolspring Township firefighters to show you and your family why this device is so important. Wes Rogers said, “We’re going to surprise them a little bit when we show up in our firetruck and make sure their smoke detectors are working!” Firefighters said that having a working smoke detector is important, especially at night, because it could be the difference between getting out of your home and never waking up again. Ryan Miller said, “At night if you’re sleeping and you don’t know it... the smoke alarm should wake you up and give you enough warning to get out of there before you inhale too much smoke and become disoriented.” Last year alone three thousand people died from fires across the United States. Tonight firefighters advised people to check their smoke detectors every time they move their clocks forward or backward an hour.

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