First 2022 Elkhart ArtWalk event hosted on Thursday

NOW: First 2022 Elkhart ArtWalk event hosted on Thursday

ELKHART, Ind. -- “Art is my Superpower” was the theme for Thursday’s Elkhart ArtWalk, the first event for the program of 2022.

Along with local artists displaying homemade art projects and handmade costumes, the event was accompanied by a new concert series that supplied live music in downtown Elkhart.

"It exposes them to different ideas, it's totally different from being at school learning math and reading and that kind of thing,  and I really enjoy talking with kids and explaining my art, telling them what I'm doing and actually try to help them,” said Rich Hooton, local artist at the Elkhart ArtWalk.

An ArtWalk will be hosted in downtown Elkhart on the last Thursday of every month through October. The next Elkhart ArtWalk is scheduled for May 26.

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