First female director of Secret Service steps down

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has stepped down after it was revealed another potentially dangerous person came too close to the president.

At the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta a few weeks ago, a security guard with a gun and a criminal record shared an elevator with the president.
The Secret Service only ran a background check because the guard was acting unprofessionally and taking pictures.
Politicians are upset, calling the recent security breaches are an embarrassment.
“This is disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. I believe that you have done a disservice to the President of the United States,” says Nevada Representative Steven Horsford.
There was ridicule for the Secret Service with critics suggesting they hire a home security system for the White House.
President Obama appointed Pierson to be the 23rd director of the Secret Service in March 2013.
She was the first woman to hold that position.
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