First strong/severe storms of the season possible

NOW: First strong/severe storms of the season possible

There are definitely signs that we could have some strong/severe storms Thursday afternoon, but, as usual, there are couple of things that could dramatically change things. First, it really depends on how the showers and rumblers today affect the atmosphere. However, there are good ingredients for stronger storms in play. That's why the storm prediction center still has all of michiana in the low risk, but notice areas east of hwy 31 is now in the moderate category. Now, once the showers are gone today, the biggest question remains: How much sunshine will we have tomorrow? If we have a few hours of sunshine during the late morning and early afternoon, that'll only add more energy to the low-levels of the atmosphere and add to the chances for stronger storms. If we stay cloudy throughout the day, then the strong/severe risk drops down quite a bit.

Now, let's take a look at the threats for tomorrow. Regardless of what happens with the sunshine, it'll be another windy one tomorrow, and that could even start as early as tonight. So, damaging winds continues to be our primary threat. Next, comes heavy rain, but no real concern for flooding, just ponding on the roads. Tornadoes and hail are on the low end as well. Continue to check back tonight and tomorrow morning for more updates on the impending system!

The wind is definitely our top concern as this system coming towards is a strong one for sure. High wind warnings and advisories are already in effect over the central and northern plains to our west, and all of that wind energy will be heading our way. The wind will really start increasing overnight tonight, with gusts of 30 mph possible, so it might wake you at times tonight. During the day tomorrow, gusts could climb to 45-50 mph or more during the afternoon as some storms fire up.

With those kinds of gusts, power outages will be an issue again, driving in open on north-south will be tough, and some trees could get blown down across the area. Even some trash cans could get tossed down the road, so if trash day is today, you'll want to bring that empty trash can inside before tonight.

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