Five and six year olds accused of starting fire

South Bend, Ind. -- Three boys are being investigated for allegedly starting the fire at Harrison Elementary's playground. Experts and police say the kids could end up in a juvenile detention center.

"I have a five and a six year old and I can't imagine them going to juvenile detention at this age." said Jessika Henderson, South Bend resident.

South Bend Fire Department says the flames caused $10,000 dollars in damage.

Parents say the kids need to be punished, but someone else may be to blame.

"They should have been supervised by their parents." said father of three, Carlos Martinez.
ABC 57 talked with an expert from The University of Notre Dame.

He said an old law stated that anyone under seven years old was automatically considered innocent, and could not legally commit a crime.

But now, it does not matter how young a suspect is, he or she can be found guilty and put in the system.

Police say the five and six year olds live on Dunhum Street, just a few blocks away from Harrison Elementary School and some think that is exactly where they should stay.

"I don’t know what locking them up would accomplish at five and six years old. I think that’s a little bit ridiculous." said Henderson.

Fire fighters say this is not the first time they have seen an incident like this, they emphasize the important of talking fire safety with your kids.

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