Flooding all across Kosciusko County adds to storm damage

WARSAW, Ind. -- Wicked storms hit all across Michiana Friday. Kosciusko County dealt with some serious localized flooding and storm damage. 

When it rains, it pours. 

At least, that's what people in Warsaw would tell you. 

"We've had a huge amount of rain. We've had reports anywhere from more than 2.5 inches to over 3.5 inches," explains Ed Rock, the Emergency Management Director for Kosciusko County.  "We've had a lot of rain and it's still coming.

Flooded roads made driving difficult. 

"There are a lot of roads that are blocked because of high water levels," he adds. 

He preached the importance of not driving through standing water, because it can stall a car or cause it to be carried out.

But there are also flooded parking lots and even flooded grass. 

Areas low to the ground collected significant amount of water. Such an amount that the area hasn't seen in quite awhile. 

"About six years," says Rock. "It's basically scooping it out of Lake Michigan and dumping it here."

But flooding isn't the only problem Kosciusko County residents had to deal with: high winds uprooted trees and downed power lines.

One Warsaw family woke up to the sound of a tree crashing into their home.

"I wanna say an earthquake, because it shook the house," describes Brittany Fuller.  "It just sounded like thunder. A little louder than usual."

The tree in their front yard cracked and fell, destroying her porch, roof and TV satellite. 

Many trees also fell in the road, blocking traffic, forcing immediate cleanup in some areas. 

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