Flooding becomes a challenge for local campgrounds

This holiday weekend several campgrounds across the state will be closed after heavy rain flooded those sites.

Here in Michiana most camps we talked to expect to stay open. But some said it is becoming a challenge.

“A lot of our property we can’t even use because of the flooding,” said Rupert’s Resort Employee Pam Pal.

Signs across Rupert’s Resort Campground in Bremen alert visitors to recent flooding conditions.

In some cases, the abundance of water has caused staff to completely close down areas to campers.

“We do have over 110 camp sites but there’s going to be several campsites we won’t be utilizing because of the water. So we’re having to be inventive and move them into areas that is normally not a campsite,” Pal explained.  

At least one family had to use a tractor to pull their trailer from the soft, muddy soil beneath.

It is just one of many challenges brought on by Mother Nature.

“Everything has been a challenge because of people not showing up because of the weather and keeping up with the grass mowing, and half of our property has been underwater,” said Pal.

Rupert’s Resort Campground said Independence Day is their busiest weekend of the year. They hope rain stays out of the forecast. 

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