Berrien County sees an increase in foreclosures

NOW: Berrien County sees an increase in foreclosures


St. JOSEPH, Mich – Berrien County is seeing an uptick in foreclosures. 

“It’s a common problem, I don’t think it’s as common here on the coast as it is inland a lot more area like Coloma inland Stevensville and Baroda and areas like that,” Berrien County resident Brandon Pierce said. 

According to the County’s latest available data over 800 homes were in danger of foreclosure of which 252 entered into the process.  

The 252 homes in foreclosure is up from the 182 foreclosed homes the previous year. 

Foreclosed properties affects the area. 

“I’ve had friends that have had all of the properties around them foreclosed and they’ve seen their investment go down 15 to 20-percent or more,” Pierce said. 

The Count says 43 of the 252 properties come from one complex in the County.

Berrien County treasurer Bret Witkowski said he isn’t concerned about the current level but he would be if the economy tanked like it did during the Great Recession. 

“I would be concerned if unemployment started going back up we would probably have a serious issue here in Berrien County and across the state,” Witkowski said. 

Witkowski says anyone in danger of foreclosure should reach out to the County to work with them. 

“If you’re behind on your taxes right now get with us, get into a payment plan, if you’re current and have a hard time budgeting money get with the banks they have tax savings accounts now here in Berrien County that doesn’t require a minimum balance as long as you use them for taxes,” Witkowski said. 

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