Former NFL stars play in Five Star Life Golf Open

Five Star Life has been helping thousands of kids around Michiana stay in school. On Monday, they held their annual golf outing with former NFL stars Doug Flutie and Tim Brown.

“We have five core values that we are pouring into them so their behavior starts to change. Ultimately students are struggling with their identity in middle school and high school and so we give them some values to latch onto to kind of ground them,” said Seth Maust, President and Executive Director of Fire Star Life.

“It’s amazing how when you rub a kid on the head or pat a kid on the back, how you can get them to respond at this young age,” said Tim Brown.

“When you are young, that's where you set all your habits. That's where you develop your work ethic and your values and that's where you have to influence the kids the most,” said Doug Flutie.

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