Former Plymouth family in path of Hurricane Arthur

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Alexis Davis and her family moved from Plymouth, Indiana to Washington, North Carolina recently. They are now in the path of Hurricane Arthur.

We did a Skype interview with the family to see what they're dealing with as the storm approaches.

The Davis family lives near the Pamlico River, about 65 miles away from Atlantic Beach, where Hurricane Arthur is expected to come ashore.

"Usually there are lots of boats all docked along these public docks and private docks here, this is the downtown water front but as you can see its pretty deserted," said Davis.

During our Skype session, Davis said the wind was picking up as was the current in the water.

"Usually you don't see this much going on on the river, this far in," said Davis.

This is their first hurricane.

"I remember the first tropical storm we went through down here, watching torrential rain pouring down for three straight hours. That's considerably different than it was in the Midwest," said Davis.

Davis' husband, Kirk, says he's not concerned.

"I'm still not impressed being through all of our tornadoes in Indiana and hundred year oak trees getting blown over I still think we have it pretty tough in the Midwest," said Kirk.

The Davis family says they don't plan on evacuating, but they are preparing for the extreme conditions.

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