Former Southwestern Michigan College professor back in court

NOW: Former Southwestern Michigan College professor back in court

CASS COUNTY, Mich. -- George Field was back in court Monday as he faces charges of criminal sexual conduct and practicing psychology without a license. One of his former students described on Monday how he was viewed on campus before being arrested.

“He was a good teacher, I learned a lot about psychology from him,” said Mikayla Grunwell, in a Facebook message – she had Field as a teacher in 2015 at Southwestern Michigan College. “I was very surprised at the news of what happened. He was different from other teachers that I’ve had. He spoke his mind about everything and didn’t take anyone’s bull.”

Field was in court on Monday for a pretrial conference that ended up getting postponed until February 26.

He was charged last fall with four counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of practicing psychology and counseling without a license at The Family Center for Mental Health Services in Dowagiac, all while teaching at SMC.

“We did two things,” David Mathews, the president of SMC, said in an interview last September. “We started an internal investigation. And because of the nature of what she reported, we referred her to law enforcement.”

“She” was an SMC student who said she had sexual encounters with Field.

Grunwell said over Facebook that she was surprised to learn Field was accused of being involved with a student.

“I guess I could see him working without a license,” she said. “I never got any creepy vibes from him. He was kind of standoffish to me. He would listen to you but doubted you if it sounded even remotely false…He was blunt and honest and didn’t beat around the bush.”

Grunwell said Field was very passionate about his work, so that’s why she said she could see him still wanting to pursue it, even without a license.

She also said she wasn’t aware, when she was a student, of any fellow classmates going to see Field at his office or home.

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