Four Winds Casino holds poker tournament for Toys for Tots

NOW: Four Winds Casino holds poker tournament for Toys for Tots

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- We’re down to just three weeks until Christmas, and for many, it’s crunch time to make sure there are presents under the Christmas tree. Four Winds Casino in South Bend is helping to make that a bit easier for some families in the Michiana community.

Since its opening in 2016, Four Winds Casino in South Bend has picked up a cheerful tradition for the holidays.

“It’s really nice that everybody comes out and wants to help the kids for Christmas time,” says Tamara Day, a Dual Rate Supervisor at Four Winds Casino.

It’s a ‘No Limit Hold ‘Em’ Poker tournament, with the festive twist of a toy add-on that players drop off under the Christmas tree before beginning their games.

“We usually get around 70 or 80 players,” says Day. “We have a lot of them that bring more than one toy, they don’t have to bring one, they can bring three or four.”

Donating a toy can also help the players out with their odds of winning!

“They start with a certain amount of chips, and if you brought a toy, you get double the chips,” Day says.

It’s all done for children in our own community! Toys for Tots will deliver the dozens of gifts to local charities and families that need them the most this Christmas.

“Four Winds; they like the Christmas spirit, they always put up decorations and try to get us in the giving mood,” Day says.

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