Free health screenings brings hundreds to Wellness Fair

The Berrien County Health Department is helping parents get their kids ready for school by providing free health screenings for students.

The health department teamed up with different agencies on Monday to provide health screenings, immunizations, and education for local families.

“We have programs that can benefit families such as W.I.C. which is the women, infants, and children program, information about lead poisoning prevention, parenting education, we’ve got immunizations and other things that kids will need to get ready for school,” said Gillian Conrad, the Communications and Administrative Services Manager for the Berrien County Health Department.

There were even healthy treats for the kids.

We’re gonna be offering some healthy snacks for them to be able to try them at home for that back-to-school process, you know some healthy lunch ideas,” said Cierra Pfotenhauer with WIC (Women, Infants and Children).

Law enforcement officers were also there to support the kids.

“Kids have been coming in, we’ve been passing out stickers and badges and letting them sit in our patrol cars and we’ve been having a great time with them so far,” said Trooper Maurice Burton with Michigan State Police.

One parent I spoke with says she was impressed with how the fair helped her kids prepare.

“It went really quick and they were able to identify three different problems that she’s having with her eyes. In class she’ll be able to do her work a whole lot better having the items that she needs,” she said.

The kids left happy too.

“It was quick and I got a prize. I got this water bottle and pencil too,” said one kid attending the Wellness Fair.

The wellness fair has seen many families today and organizers are looking to try and make this an annual event after such a great turnout. 

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