Free program helps those suffering from addiction

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Over the last ten years, police have seized more than 3,000 meth labs in Michiana. When a person is addicted to a drug like meth, where can they turn if they want help and rehabilitation?

A new program at the Alcohol and Addictions Resource Center on Jefferson in South Bend is designed to help.

Starting next week, people dealing with substance abuse can take a course aimed to help them and it's free.

Experts say overcoming addiction goes beyond just the person and the drug, and this program incorporates the entire family.

Jennifer Grubbs is the coordinator for the Celebrating Families Program. It is designed to help both the drug user and their family.

"Tries to offer some positive thinking - how can you talk to people, how you can heal those sort of broken wounds, and move forward with healthy relationships," said Grubbs.

Relationships suffer as soon as a person starts abusing drugs.

She says people don't seek help for a variety of reasons, but one thing holding them back from recovering is the cost.

Financial cost is a big burden for some people seeking help with addiction.

This program is free of charge. You just have to register.

"Recovery is a long road, and it involves more than just stopping using whatever substance they might be using," said Grubbs.

The more support a user has, the better their chances at beating addiction.

The program also addresses preventing future generations from making the same mistakes.

The program is sixteen weeks long and is funded through a grant.

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