Friday: Rainy, breezy, then stormy

Friday morning through midday Saturday will be an active 36 hours of weather. That period starts out rainy and breezy Friday morning, mild and breezy Friday afternoon, windy and stormy Friday evening and cold and windy Saturday. Wind is the greatest weather threat, and it may not be connected to a thunderstorm. Non-storm wind gusts could top 45 mph Friday night and Saturday, gusts near storms could top 55 mph. Power outages are possible. There is a severe threat, but that storm threat is between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM, Friday night and will be dependent on how well storms maintain strength moving in from Illinois. 

Tonight: Showers late. Becoming breezy. Low 48.

Friday: Rainy and breezy. Evening storms. High 62.

Saturday: Rain/snow showers. windy. Temperatures falling from 42.

Sunday: Sunny. High 55. 

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