Friends of the family remember Kristine Williams

A woman whose body was found in abandoned house in Gary was identified as Knox native Kristine Williams. She may have been the victim of a serial killer.

Williams' sister was too distraught to talk on camera, but her close friends spoke about Kristine, her sister and some of their last memories of Kristine.

“When does somebody get a break? Who has the right to take someone else's life?” said Robin Chase.

Chase has known Kristine and her sister for years. Chase says the two had a very special relationship.

“Sisters are - you have that one bound, that's different than any family member, you're sisters – it's your first friend when you're growing up. Sisters mean everything," said Chase.

Chase says Williams' sister, who does not want her name released right now, is beside herself.

Chase says Kristine was a free spirit—but no matter what, she always reconnected with her sister.

Chase adds the sisters went through a lot together—including losing their mom at a young age.

“Ever since she was little, the stories that she has told me and within the last year, she's had several losses, it's just one traumatizing thing after another," said Chase.

Friends of the family say Kristine called her sister fairly recently and mentioned that she might come up missing.

Chase worries, William's sister is blaming herself—wondering if there is something more she should have done.

“It is natural when you lose someone to want to beat yourself up over it. But in this case, you just have to be there for each other," said Chase.

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