Full Hunter's Moon to last 3 days beginning this weekend

If astronomical events are your thing, you'll almost certainly be a fan of what's coming this weekend. 

The full Hunter's Moon will occur at exactly 5:17 PM EDT on Sunday, according to NASA. However, it will appear full for three consecutive days from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The moon will appear larger and have an orange-ish color to it due to it rising in the early evening near sunset. 

That's what makes this particular full moon interesting and worth checking out. 

The moon itself won't actually change color or size, though. Rather, its position on the horizon makes it look as though it's bigger and more orange than normal.

The Hunter's Moon is simply the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon, which occurred back in September. 

If you want to view the Hunter's Moon, here are the moonrise times Friday thru Tuesday (EDT):

             Day                  Moonrise                        

            Friday                    6:41 PM

          Saturday                 7:05 PM

           Sunday                  7:21 PM

          Monday                  7:55 PM

          Tuesday                  8:22 PM

If you observe the moon at or around these times, you will have the best chance at capturing it while it appears larger and more orange! Don't forget to share your photos with ABC57 News! 

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