Mom of kids killed in Fulton Co. crash speaks publicly to thank group of bus drivers from Florida

NOW: Mom of kids killed in Fulton Co. crash speaks publicly to thank group of bus drivers from Florida

FULTON COUNTY, Ind. --- The mother of the three kids killed in the tragic crash in Fulton County is talking for the first time to thank a group of bus drivers from Pensacola for their kindness.

Back in November, Joyce Arnold said when she saw the news about the death of three children in Fulton County she knew she had to do something.

Arnold gathered a group of bus drivers in Pensacola to sign some cards showing their support for Brittany Stahl, the mother of Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier.

Wednesday, those cards were delivered to Stahl and her fiance Shane Ingle, the father of Mason and Xzavier.

“Our kids were the world to us,” Stahl said.

It’s an act of kindness that’s traveled a thousand miles all in the hopes that it would bring a smile to their faces.

“Just know that there are some people here who are continuing to pray for you because you can’t do this in your own strength,” Arnold said to Stahl and Ingle.

Stahl and Ingle said they don’t have enough words to express their thanks.

“I appreciate you, rounding up everybody and send the cards because it’s those kinds of words of encouragement that really do make a difference, even if it’s just to get out of bed and to read something. It helps us,” Stahl said to Arnold.

Arnold said, after hearing the news, a feeling came over her to help the mother experiencing the pain of losing her children.  She knows that feeling all too well herself, having lost a 6-year-old grandchild in a car accident.

The pain of losing a child, Arnold said, never goes away. Her daughter still suffers with it everyday.

“You gotta try to stay focused for them,” Arnold said to Stahl. “They don’t wanna see you in a place where you can’t get out of bed.  They don’t want that for they mama. I know I had to do that for my daughter.”

Stahl and Ingle are still heartbroken but they said it’s people like Arnold that keep them going.

“No parent should ever have to bury a child, let alone three.” Stahl said. “This tragic, horrific accident doesn’t make sense to any of us, i still can’t believe that it’s happening.”

For now, the messages inside those cards, and others shared online, have brought them a little bit of hope.

 “Thank you for the love, thank you to everyone around the world who has been outpouring love to us and support, it’s been truly appreciated,” Stahl said. “Because our babies meant the world to us and we aren’t going to let this go, we’re gonna keep fighting to make a difference.”

However, this is not where the story ends.

As it turns out Stahl’s father is from Pensacola, Fla. and will be meeting with Arnold to thank her for her kindness in person later this week. He also started a foundation to change Indiana’s bus laws, called MAX Strong Forever.

Stahl and her fiacne also have plans to meet Arnold in the near future.

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