Fundraiser held for non-profit health food store

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- A local non-profit is trying to raise funds so they can open a health food store on Bendix Drive in South Bend. To open their doors and renovate the building they need $800,000.

So far they have only raised about $5,000, however residents in the West Side community are rallying around the idea of having fresh produce at their fingertips.

Linda Rodgers said, "This is something that has been needed in this area since the Kroger went out of business.”

Residents on Bendix Drive know what it's like to live in a food desert. The founder of The Eating Well hopes that she can inspire young adults to choose health foods over fast food.

Marilyn Gachaw said, “This is a dream of mine, and it’s the dream of a lot of the neighbors also. They want this and I want this for them.”

Gachaw said once they have enough money, they will hire about 10 people to work at the store.

“As we grow, so will the jobs. As the support grows, we grow,” Gachaw said.

According to residents who live at Heritage Place, taking the bus to the grocery store on Portage Road can take an hour.

“Really I need to go to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at least three times a week, but with the bus situation I just can’t do that,” Rodgers said.

To donate or learn more information, visit The Eating Well on Facebook.

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