Garbage truck explodes in parking lot of elementary school

NOW: Garbage truck explodes in parking lot of elementary school

BRISTOL, Ind. -- A garbage truck exploded Friday morning while in the parking lot of Bristol Elementary School.

Around 10 a.m., the garbage truck picked up a load from the school and began compacting the trash around 10 a.m. when the explosion happened in the parking lot, according to Bristol Police.

Bristol Police and Bristol Fire responded to the scene.

Bristol Fire extinguished the fire.

The explosion blew out the windshield of the truck and caused some heat damage to the outside wall of the school next to the janitor's entrance.

The driver of the truck refused medical assistance at the scene.

There were 550 students and staff inside the school when the explosion happened. No students or staff were injured.

Bristol Police and Bristol Fire along with the state fire marshal will investigate the cause of the explosion.

The truck was full at the time of the explosion. The hauler had picked up trash from several commercial properties before picking up the school's trash. They suspect whatever caused the explosion was picked up at one of the commercial properties, not the school, police said.

Bristol Chief Deputy Albin said they felt the explosion at the police station.

Because of the explosion, the air handlers at the school have been turned off and students will be eating lunch in their classrooms.

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