Gas price rollercoaster in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--  With gas prices jumping all over the place, when should you fill up your car?

According to, wait at least until Saturday.

The website states that prices are expected to go back down on Saturday since wholesale prices are down.

A gallon of regular is around $3.99 here in South Bend, although there were some stations selling it a little cheaper.

Drivers who get plus or Premium are likely to pay $4.08 to $4.18.

There are still a few things cheaper than a gallon of gas, in South Bend.

You can buy a 4gigabyte flash drive at Best Buy for $3.49.

If your hungry, dinner will cost you $3.21 off the dollar menu at McDonald's or Burger King.

If you can get a group of three to go to Movies 6, in Mishawaka, everyone can see a movie for $2.75; that's only 75 cents per ticket.

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