Giant anteater pup born at Potawatomi Zoo

The Potawatomi Zoo announced its female anteater, Corndog, gave birth to a giant anteater pup on November 12.

The male pup has been nicknamed Pickle.

Pickle weighed just 3 pounds at birth and weighed 12 pounds at its last vet visit on December 28th.

This is the third pup for Corndog and Jo Hei.

Corndog was born at the Fresno Zoo in January 2006 and was brought to the Potawatomi Zoo in June 2007.

In 2011, she was taken to a zoo in Providence, Rhode Island to breed with Jo Hei on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan.

They produced a female in 2012 and a male in 2014.

Corndog returned to the Potawatomi Zoo in December 2015 along with her mate Jo Hei.

The zoo says since anteaters prefer warmer weather, Corndog and Pickle may not be seen until the weather improves.

Joe Hei and Barques, another male anteater, will be available for outdoor viewing when temperatures near 50-degrees.

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