Girl burned in Oregon hospital room

Portland, Ore. -- Investigators are looking into how an 11-year-old Oregon girl caught fire at a children's hospital.

There is speculation that hand sanitizer may be to blame for her injury.

Officials say the girl was painting in her hospital room when she caught fire.

Her father told a Portland newspaper that she had recently used hand sanitizer to clean the table. He thinks the alcohol based hand sanitizer and static electricity sparked the flames.

"No, this is a really unusual event. I don't think anything like this has happened either at Dornbecher or at OHSU. In any hospital this would be an incredibly rare event," said Doctor Stacy Nicholson, Oregon Health and Science University.

That little girl is a cancer survivor.

She was undergoing treatment for an unrelated head injury when she caught fire.

She is being treated for her burns at another hospital.

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