Glenn Wheet testifies in day two of trial

NOW: Glenn Wheet testifies in day two of trial


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Michiana doctor takes the stand at his own trial. 

Glenn Wheet, a family doctor, is charged with criminal recklessness after hitting four demonstrators with his car back in July 2020. 

He told jurors that on July 4, 2020, he and his son wanted to go to the Meijer on Main Street to pick up condensed milk for a cake and look at camping gear for an upcoming trip-- and was suprised to see a group of protesters on the bridge. He initially drove away from the protesters, but after some deliberation, he believed they would move out of the way if he asked.

He was surprised when they approached his car and started pounding on it. He said he felt "under attack."

He felt he couldn't back up-- he saw kids riding their bikes around him and couldn't see where they were. 

At one point, he said "The only two options I had were to stay still or move forward. 

Getting emotional, he felt that if he stayed put, his windows could be broken and his son would be dragged out of the car-- so he chose to drive forward. 

"I didn't want to see anyone hurt," he said. 

During cross examination-- when asked whey he didn't chose another route to the Meijer, Wheet claimed he forgot about the other bridges nearby, despite his practice being blocks away from the Logan Street bridge, and having worked in the area for fifteen years. 

Despite claiming he did not want to hurt anyone, he conceded that a car hitting a pedestrian could cause a lot of harm. 

He admitted he felt no need to choose another route, as this one was "temporarily obscured by pedestrians."

Wheet told the jury he thought they would get out of the way once he accelerated-- and he said he accelerated, to get away from the demonstrators, even with Trevor Davis hanging from his side mirror. 

He also told the jury that, in hindsight, he'd have likely gone to a different Meijer instead. 

The Defense rested after Wheet's testimony. Jurors will have their final instructions and begin deliberations on Thursday.

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