Goshen church turns to Sunday "drive-in" service

NOW: Goshen church turns to Sunday “drive-in“ service

GOSHEN, Ind. -- It might not be the most conventional church service, but with the coronavirus outbreak reshaping society, not much else is conventional either.

That’s why Crossroads Community Church pastor Tim Fisher and staff came up with an idea: stream Sunday services to a portable screen so members can watch from inside their cars in the parking lot.

“There is a cost involved in all of this stuff but we just see it as an investment in our community,” Fisher said.
“A chance to connect people with God, that’s our thing. Yeah, coronavirus is real and we don’t take that lightly - we want to make it our best effort to keep everybody safe and keep our social distancing, but we realize there was a creative way here that we could still come out and gather.”

Families like Warren Hurt’s, who are usually a part of the Sunday congregations, seem to love the idea too.

“I was pretty impressed,” Hurt said.
“We didn’t know what to think when we heard about this but they’re pretty good on the technical side, so we (were) sure there’s a good solution they came up with, and it was. It worked out well.”

The church has also started a delivery service called “You Are Loved to go” of essential goods to those vulnerable during the pandemic.

“It’s to basically pick up groceries for senior citizens who can’t get out right now,” Goshen campus pastor Remington Anksorus said.
“(We) get those purchased for them and delivered to their house so they can stay home and stay safe.”

"If someone’s really desperate for something, we can go to the store for them and pick that up and help meet that need,” Fisher said.
“We’ve been able to meet the needs of quite a few families already in our community. Again, it’s a way for us to let the people know that we are here to help them and that we care.”

According to the church, anyone wanting to request the assistance can call 574-875-4479 or email [email protected].

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