Goshen church votes in favor of performing same-sex marriages

A Goshen church is saying “I do” to same-sex marriages in their house.

Goshen City Church Of The Brethren will now be performing same-sex marriages after a vote among the members of the congregation on Sunday.

The church tells us this vote comes after a year and a half of discussions with a lot of input from the community.

We spoke to surrounding businesses on Wednesday who told us its time the church starts recognizing all members of the community.

The church agrees—they didn’t want to talk on camera but gave us this statement:

“The process we've gone through was an intentional way for us, as people of faith, to look at how we can and should move toward a more loving way of being in community with each other.”
There's also no word on when the first ceremony will be conducted, be sure to stick with us as we continue to follow this story.

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