Goshen company attracting employees with high entry level wages

NOW: Goshen company attracting employees with high entry level wages

GOSHEN, Ind -- Although America is trending in the direction not being able to keep employee due to low wage offers, Viewrail is doing the exact opposite by setting a floor wager of $25 per hour.

With unemployment benefits coming to an end in June, Viewrail expects several applications as their new floor wages begins on June 7th.

The company currently has over 300 employees and plans to fill 50-75 more with $25 an hour and $55,000 salary employees.

"What allows us to really start into a $25 an hour floor wage is that we are seeking after high quality employees to produce this high-quality product and we feel that if we have those high-quality employees and we can recruit them here, that that is going to provide the value to the customers that they are looking for who are willing to pay for these products." said Viewrail's chief leadership officer Troy Burns.

The company has already begun to see an increase in applicants come through the door after hearing about the new wages.

While other companies struggle with the pandemic and the ability to pay employees, Viewrail says, the ability to keep their employees has not been a discussion in their office. 

"We have not had the same struggle with keeping employees and recruiting employees even through the some of the pandemic environment. We attribute that to the fact that we so highly value our employees and that we create a culture that people just simply want to come here and they enjoy working here." said Troy Burns.

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