Goshen evacuees say they wish they would've acted sooner

NOW: Goshen evacuees say they wish they would’ve acted sooner


GOSHEN, Ind.- First Baptist Church on Indiana Avenue, in Goshen, has been housing those displaced because of high waters. 

Some families tell ABC57 initially they did not want to leave, but shared their stories to prevent others from going through it.

Susan Russell lives on the creek side at a mobile home park. She says the warning came around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning and now she wishes she would’ve left at that time.

“I’ll admit it,” she says. “I ignored them and went back to sleep. If I would have left at two I would still have my car and I wouldn’t be here.”

Russell and her neighbor Doris Standfill came to First Baptist Church for help.

“I bet you by now it’s at least up to here,” says Russell, as she points to her hip. “And that’s just coming out the front door.”

Russell says she stayed for the fear of leaving her animals behind. “When I left home, about 5 this morning, it was up to my car’s door.”

ABC57 then asked just how beneficial it is for a church like this to offer help. “They were a blessing, weren’t they?” asked Russell. 

“Yes, they really were,” replied Standfill. 

Goshen Fire and Police Chaplin, Gregg Lanzen says they have opened up their doors for those in need.

“We have places for them to sleep if they need to, we have food, we have a TV they can watch games kids can play whatever they need.”

As for the first responders, these neighborly friends are thankful for them as well.

“I can’t say enough about the fireman that took me out they were just awesome,” says Russell.

“They were great,” says Standfill. 

Chaplin Lanzen says this church will remain open for those in need until they believe the need has calmed down a bit.

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