Goshen Mayor and activist speaks out after weekend protest

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Officials say three to five hundred people showed up in downtown Goshen to protest what happened to George Floyd.

Kira Robinson was one of those protesters. She said things were peaceful until police were called and that once they arrived, that protesters became more agitated.

However, no arrests were made and no damage was done to the city.

Robinson hopes other larger cities take notice, and that police listen to their message as well.

“It’s important to me just because you can hear us without out us not having to use our hands without you not having to use force,” Robinson said.

“We are trying to move forward and be better than that, we’re trying to let you hear us but it’s literally going in ear and out the other, like you’re hearing us but you’re not listening.”

Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman agrees and said that he’s proud of his city, and encourages protests to remain peaceful.

“I do encourage everybody to make sure and keep them peaceful and do all you can to get your voice out there, that’s very important and that’s our right. But we do need to remain respectful of others while we try to figure out how to get ahead of this, this issue we’re having in our country,” Stutsman said.

So far, there’s no word on any upcoming protests in the Goshen area but Robinson said that there is a plan to have another protest in Mishawaka on June 19.

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