Voters approve both Goshen Schools millage proposals

NOW: Voters approve both Goshen Schools millage proposals

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Goshen voters approved two millage proposals to fund improvements and operations at Goshen Community Schools.

The operating tax passed with 54-percent of the vote.

The construction tax passed with 52-percent of the vote.

Goshen Community Schools needs $65 million to create a new intermediate building within the district. The funding would also go towards improving current school buildings.

Glenn Stutzman, a resident of Elkhart County said, “If we reach for a little bit more to help the schools get better. I voted yes on that. I calculated what my additional contribution would be and I felt good about it.”

The ballot asked voters if their property taxes should be raised in order to fund the construction.

Some residents, like Stutzman, were for it and some, like Erick Eickhoff, were against it.

“If I was still living in an apartment I probably would have said psh.. I would have voted yes but I pay enough in property taxes.” Eickhoff, a resident of Goshen, said.

The proposed increase is 37.9-cents per $100 of the assessed home value.

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