Goshen Womens March to peacefully protest nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

NOW: Goshen Womens March to peacefully protest nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

GOSHEN, Ind.-- As judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings continue this week, one group in Goshen is protesting President Trump’s decision to fill the vacant supreme court justice seat so close to the election.

This will be the latest anyone has been confirmed for the supreme court prior to an election.

The group is concerned with what Barrett’s nomination could mean for women's rights.

The women's march is a national movement starting in Washington D.C. that will be taking to smaller cities across the country, including downtown Goshen on Saturday, October 17th.

Organizers tell ABC57 the march is about the power of the vote.

Amanda Qualls, one of the organizers of Saturdays Women's March, says this is about showing the power of women and their allies to create change in the world.

“I’m a Notre Dame graduate. When I saw Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, it really hit home for me for lots of reasons. I want to speak up in favor of women's rights here in Goshen. We have a lot of great women candidates running, we have women elected officials, and we need to speak up and speak out and support those people and the elected officials that support our communities," said Qualls.

During his debate with Joe Biden, President Trump said he was elected for four years, not three , and is within his right to fill a supreme court vacancy, regardless of how close the election is.

For more information on Goshen's Women's March 2020 in Goshen, click here. 

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