Governor Daniels visits Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spoke to a crowd of more than 300 people on Friday. The governor is at the end of a tour after he delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union. Daniels addressed the entire political spectrum from the Super Bowl to the Right to Work Bill.

After he delivered the response, some people said Daniels is a possible vice presidential candidate. ABC 57 asked, “Is that a job you’d want?” Daniels replied, “No, and don’t expect, so I can give you a dozen reasons why somebody else would make a better choice.”

Daniels said he was happy to speak at the Goshen Rotary Club to applaud Elkhart County for lowering its unemployment rate.

“The fundamentals are so good here, great workers, great business climate, I said, you watch they’ll be back, and of course it was the fastest recovering community in America,” said Daniels.

Daniels said he wants more jobs for Hoosiers and not just in Elkhart County, but for the state. Daniels thinks the passing of the Right to Work Bill will do that job.

 “I believe just one thing. Indiana will have more jobs, more opportunities to bring jobs here from the companies who insist on this as a prerequisite,” said Daniels.

People against the bill are worried it will weaken unions and cut wages, but Daniels said that’s not the case.

“Nobody’s wages are going down, nobody is going to lose any benefits, the right to organize is absolutely untouched by this,” said Daniels.

He said he hopes it will pass quickly, so they can get to work on other issues.

If the bill passes, Indiana would be one of the first Midwestern states to have a Right to Work law. Daniels said that’s not the reason he supports it.

“The only reason I had any interest in it, the only reason I finally came to the conclusion that, yes, we probably do need this law, is what it could mean to Indiana. The people who are out of work and the young people here who are going to need jobs, and it’s going to mean a lot more opportunity for them and if it has any broader meaning that’s really not of much significance to me,” said Daniels.

Daniels was asked who he’s rooting for in the upcoming Super Bowl and he said since the Colts are out, he’s just supporting the people coming to Indianapolis to spend some money.

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