Governor Holcomb reinstating work-search requirement for unemployment money

NOW: Governor Holcomb reinstating work-search requirement for unemployment money

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The future of unemployment may be changing for Hoosiers as soon as this week. The state of Indiana is reconsidering its participation in the federal supplemental benefit program.

Governor Holcomb is working with the Department of Workforce Development to complete a demographic analysis of unemployed Hoosiers over the last 16 months. But in the meantime, an executive order will start this week.

Indiana’s unemployment rate is 3.9% which is near pre-pandemic levels, and the labor force also mirroring pre-pandemic levels. Governor Holcomb now issuing an executive order that will require unemployment insurance claimants to be available for work and actively seeking employment.

That stipulation was originally waived at the beginning of the pandemic since so many people were stuck at home and struggling to make ends meet. Soon, you’ll have to complete a weekly work search activity to keep receiving the aid.

Some employers ABC57 they are having a hard time hiring as many people have chosen to rely on the federal benefits.

“These days very hard. You hire them, they start calling off then they quit, it is very hard these days nobody wants to work,” says Shawn Singh, Owner of Exxon, South Bend location.

Further information regarding unemployment can be found here.  

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