Granger oral surgeon bringing robotic technology to surgery in Michiana

NOW: Granger oral surgeon bringing robotic technology to surgery in Michiana

GRANGER, Ind.—A Granger oral surgeon is bringing robotic technology in surgery to Michiana.

Dr. Taite Anderson, with Granger Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, first began using robotic technology, Navident six months ago.

“It’s basically a GPS for my the big picture what it allows me to do is place my instruments on the CT scan so I can see real time where my instruments are, what bone I’m cutting, what surgery I’m doing, it guides with precision and accuracy what I’m doing,” Dr. Anderson said.

The technology enables him to perform a more non-invasive procedure that he says changes patient care.

Dr. Anderson says that some of his patients could have faced paralysis or permanent facial numbness through traditional surgical methods but with this technology, have an easier experience.

One of Dr. Anderson’s patients, Joele Leith, had an impacted tooth removed using the Navident technology.

“I could see kind of where he was navigating in my mouth and that was really cool and it was assuring in the sense that you know, just like you use a GPS in your car, you know you’re going to go the right way and you’re not going to do any damage, so for me it was really piece of mind and a neat experience to see that,” Leith said.

Dr. Anderson hopes other Michiana oral surgeons continue to drive innovation in the field of oral surgery.

“That’s what’s exciting for me. I think that’s what’s exciting for our community as a whole, being able to improve what we do with the technologies that are available and participating to make those better,” Dr. Anderson said.

In addition to bringing the innovative technology to Michiana, the staff at Granger Oral Surgery also provides free services at the Sister Maura Brannick clinic on Chapin St. as part of the St. Joseph Health System.

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