Group of Notre Dame students planning to protest U.S. Attorney General's campus visit

NOW: Group of Notre Dame students planning to protest U.S. Attorney General’s campus visit


NOTRE DAME, Ind. --- Notre Dame students are planning a protest ahead of U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s visit to campus Friday.

The university announced the attorney general would speak to a small, private crowd at Notre Dame’s law school to talk about religious freedom.

Some students are now demanding the attorney general resign amidst the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Andrew Cary, a Notre Dame graduate student helping plan tomorrow’s protest, said they’re calling it “Whistles for Whistle Blowers.” They’re planning to gather at the corner of Eddy and Angela Street Friday at 4 o’clock to send a message to the AG.

 “I think the central message that we have is that President Trump and the Attorney General William Barr’s actions regarding impeachment are unacceptable,” Cary said.  “The whistleblowers have made claims about actions the President did that the President admitted to yet Barr is still working to cover up these whistle blowers statements.”

From 1 to 4 p.m. Friday Cary plans to hand out 500 whistles to students and community members. At 4 p.m. is when they will blow their whistles in a demonstration against Barr’s actions, refusing to cooperate with a lawful impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with the Ukraine.

“I’m hopeful that what we can do is show William Barr, show this community, show congress and the senate that we want these whistleblowers and these allegations to be taken seriously.”

In a statement to ABC57 a spokesperson for the university said:  “Notre dame has been and will continue to be a place for open debate and the free exchange of ideas. That is the hallmark of any serious university. Part of that mandate is to invite and host speakers who bring a diversity of thought.”

In light of the planned protest, Cary has called on Senators Mike Braun, Todd Young and Representative Jackie Walorski to support the impeachment of both the president and the attorney general.

ABC57 reached out to all three lawmakers for comment but have not yet heard back from them.

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