Guilty plea gives the family of murdered teen D'Angelo Jennings closure

NOW: Guilty plea gives the family of murdered teen D’Angelo Jennings closure

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Ten months after D’Angelo Jennings was murdered his family is seeing justice.

“Today is the tenth month to the exact day that my son died” D’Angelo Jennings' father James Jennings said.

On Thursday morning Torreay Fennessey pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and a gun charge.

After Thursday’s hearing Jennings’ father spoke about how he left his sons room untouched and just added a few mementos to remember his son, while speaking about the future his son could’ve had

“You’re killing future doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, my son could’ve became somebody successful he had a good heart,” Jennings said.

The next step in the family’s search for justice is the sentencing of Fennessee on November 7th.

Jennings mentioned that he wants to see and be a part of bringing a positive change to the community.

“I just hope for the best for all families, all teenagers, all grown people, you know just try to live together and love one another and respect one another and try not to hurt people like my son was hurt,” Jennings said.

Jennings also added that he is appreciative of all of the well wishes and support he has received.

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