Gunfire pierces through a woman’s home in South Bend

NOW: Gunfire pierces through a woman’s home in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – According to South Bend Police, a woman in South Bend woke up to gunfire and bullets flying through her house early Thursday morning.

Connie Donaldson said she was asleep when the bullets first came through her house on Calvert Street around midnight, crashing into her china cabinet among other things.

When she first heard the noise, she didn’t know it was gunfire and bullets but thought someone may have broken into her house.

She was surprised to find bullet holes in her walls and her siding, claiming that Calvert is a normally quiet street.

If the gunshots had hit other parts of the house, one could have hit and killed Donaldson.

In response to the disruption in her normally quiet  life, she said, “It’s just unbearable. I’ve lived here eleven years and nothing like this has happened. We don’t have that going on in my neighborhood.”

As police investigate, Donaldson asks people to put the guns down and let her go back to her peaceful existence saying, “I wish they would stop because no one live here but me, so I’m just wishing everything would stop.”

Police have confirmed that at least 6 shots were fired, and they are currently looking into possible suspects and motives behind the incident.

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