Gusty winds today and their expected impacts

NOW: Gusty winds today and their expected impacts

Although we’re staying dry today, we still have a 1/5 on the Threat Tracker because of gusty winds.

It’s already windy here in Michiana this morning, we’ll stay windy throughout the day. Sustained winds look to be between 25 and 30 mph while gusts could exceed 45 mph. Winds will be out of the southwest, becoming more westerly in the afternoon, and dropping off sharply tonight.

Make sure to secure anything outside that could blow away, watch for downed tree limbs, know that power outages are possible, and avoid driving near high-profile vehicles such as semi-trucks and RV’s. These vehicles as well as SUVs and pickup trucks can be difficult to drive in such windy conditions.

Winds are produced by a difference in temperature/pressure. Colder air is more dense, so it blows toward areas of warmer, less dense air in an effort to reach equilibrium.

Temperatures over the next few days will reflect this process as well, with highs falling all the way into the upper 20’s by Friday. This cold air surging in is packed behind 2 cold fronts - one is moving through the Great Lakes today and the other will be moving through tonight.

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