Gym academy continues classes through video conferencing

NOW: Gym academy continues classes through video conferencing

SAINT JOSEPH, Mich. -- Virtual gymnastics and dance may seem like a tough concept, but that’s not stopping the flow at the classes at the Power in Motion academy.

“It’s hard, we want to keep connections with our kids and knowing that we might have to tell our kids that they can’t come here is very hard, very tricky,” General Manager Alyse Perry said.

“That’s one thing that was tricky for our staff.”

But instructors then found a solution: classes conducted via video conferencing.

“We cleaned the facility, then we offered them online content, and then we decided to go to virtual classes because we obviously realized this is going to be an extended thing,” Dance Director Sydney Koenes said.

And the feedback from kids and their parents seems to be a good sign going forward, instructors said.

“They’re loving to kind of have some normalcy come back into their lives by seeing their instructors that they see on a weekly basis but now through a computer or phone screen,” Koenes said.

“They’re loving it. We are providing them with lots of content to keep their kids busy, so yeah it feels good to know that we’re helping them out a little bit at home.”

Info for more on classes at Power in Motion can be found on its website.

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