Hacienda closed temporarily due to COVID-19

NOW: Hacienda closed temporarily due to COVID-19


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--Call this a sign of the times. The popular Hacienda Mexican restaurant on Miami Street in South Bend shut down this week over coronavirus concerns, and they're not the only one.

According to a National Restaurant Association survey, about 40% of Indiana restaurant owners said it’s unlikely that they will even be able to stay afloat in 6 months if the coronavirus crisis and the economic conditions don’t improve.

“You know right now we have to be careful and I understand businesses have to take precautions and leaders need to take precautions it’s something we’re going to have to deal with until we have a vaccine, we just got to be patient,” South Bend resident Phil St. Claire said.

Phil St. Claire and his wife stopped by hoping to grab lunch at Hacienda, but had to go elsewhere.

Some business leaders, hoping for another COVID stimulus bill in Washington to help them out.

“Unfortunately there’s a great debate right now about the next federal aid package. Many businesses are feeling like they need another boost along the way, looks like that wont get done until after the election and that has some concern,” South Bend Regional Chamber President Jeff Rea, just hoping bars and restaurants can hold on.

South Bend Regional Chamber President Jeff Rea, just hoping bars and restaurants can hold on.

“Businesses have this chief objective of staying open and not seeing a slide back to a previous phase so trying to do everything they can to keep their customers safe and keep their employees safe,” Rea said.

Governor Eric Holcomb’s Stage 5 Back on Track plan includes no limitations on seating, however businesses and customers must still practice social distancing and mask wearing.

Rea said he believes many businesses have been doing their part to help flatten the curve.

“I think our businesses have done a fantastic job, most of them have followed the order of the health department, most are working to implement that in the best way possible, there’s a few that maybe aren’t doing as well as others but I’d say everywhere I’ve been it’s been the status quo,” Rea said.

Phil St. Claire said that while its shocking to see restaurants like Hacienda temporarily closed, it doesn’t scare him to come back once they reopen.

“I just think most folks if they just use common sense, wear the mask, wash the hand, if your sick stay home, take those precautions and I think well eventually be in a better position then where we’re at right now,” St. Claire said.

ABC57 reached out to Hacienda for comment, but we have yet to receive a response yet.

Jeff Rea encourages people who don’t feel comfortable eating indoors just yet, to help local restaurants and order take out if possible.

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