Halloween safety tips

Halloween is this Saturday and the Mishawaka Police Department issued tips to parents to make sure children stay safe while out trick-or-treating.

  • Choose safe costumes for your child that are fireproof and with eye holes good for peripheral vision
  • If jack-o-lanterns are on your porch with candles inside, keep them out of the way so children’s costumes aren’t set on fire
  • If your child carries a prop with their costume, make sure the tips won’t cause injury if a child should fall
  • Before trick-or-treating, make sure your child eats a meal so they are less likely to eat candy before you have the chance to look at it
  • If children are unaccompanied by a responsible adult, children should be out during daylight hours.
  • When trick-or-treating alone, children should stop by familiar houses in their neighborhood, unless an adult is with them
  • Small children should not be allowed to go out alone on Halloween
  • Parents should plan a safe route so parents know where older children are located and set a time for when they should return home.
  • At intersections, children should cross at the crosswalk and not between parked cars.
  • When it gets dark, children should carry a flashlight
  • If any candy is opened in your child’s bucket or bag, do not eat it 
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