Harbor Towers residents tired of living conditions

NOW: Harbor Towers residents tired of living conditions

BENTON HARBOR, Mich -- A handful of people who live at Harbor Tower on E. Wall Street are tired of the living conditions they are experiencing and frustrated that they can't get their problems fixed now. 

"I don't have no heat and I don't have no hot water," "its messed up, that's all I can say," "I'm tired of this," these are the frustrations from three tenants who live inside Harbor Towers; Thomas Butler, Christopher Martin, and Jasmine McCoy. 

Residents say they have no heat and no hot water. 

Thomas Butler, who has lived at Harbor Towers for three years, discussed the situation inside of his home. 

"No heat, no hot water, saying they are going to fix it they haven't done it yet, I'm tired of boiling water to wash up and wash dishes with," Butler said.

Signs posted all over the complex explain that management is working on the problems but there's no timeline in sight for any fixes.  

Residents Christopher Martin, who just suffered from a stroke, and Jasmine McCoy, who has been living in the complex for little more than a year, want better conditions. 

They are sick of the cold showers and the cold nights in bed. 

"I put this up so I can be warm, then I got the blankets in here to keep warm," Martin said.

"Water been cold for so long, for like two weeks now, and heat not working and there is mold in my bathroom," McCoy said.

When tenants were asked if they have contacted the housing authority, their reactions were quick.

"You know we contact them, but you know they tell you, 'We are working on it,'" Butler said.

"They have others ones to look at first, but I am on a list. I should not be on a list if I had a stroke as I did," Martin said. 

Each person feels like the housing authority is not doing what they are supposed to do.  

"All of this is just filthy, should nobody have to stay in this building like this building is condemned," McCoy said.

When you call the housing authority in Benton Harbor, eventually you'll get a voicemail message saying officials will respond to tenants within three business days.

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