MMR vaccine available at participating pharmacies; No prescription needed

ST.JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — Indiana residents now have access to the MMR vaccine at participating pharmacies thanks to a state-wide standing order.

The St. Joseph County Department of Health stresses the importance of the MMR vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella as outbreaks continue to be reported across the nation.

Indiana Health Commissioner Kris Box issued a standing order in Indiana which allows adults to obtain the vaccine from any stocked pharmacy without a prescription.

Health officials say the measles can lead to bronchopneumonia, cause inflammation of the brain and result in intellectual and hearing damage. In some cases, the disease can lead to lethal complications including blindness.

Some patient groups have increased vulnerability including:

- Malnourished children

- Those with certain vitamin deficiencies

- Children under the age of five 

- Adults older than 20 years of age

- Immunocompromised patients

- Pregnant women

Those who were born from 1957-1988 may need a booster to remain protected.

Immunization records should be checked to see if patients have received two doses of the MMR vaccinate.

Health officials from The St. Joseph County Department of Health say its important for the community to receive vaccinations to stop the spread of disease.

An appointment can be made at the Immunization Clinic at 574-245-6776.

Any questions can be directed to the Health Education Division of the St. Joseph County Department of Health at 574-245-6750.

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